Safari in Africa is not only a tour: it’s a spiritual experience.

Enjoy Kenya and Tanzania safari tours: your african holidays.

The african word Safari in Kiswahili language means “travel” or tour: Not only physical tour, but also a spiritual. For Mamasavana this is not a simply african tour towards the incontaminated nature, but a tour inside yourself, where the contact with the land of the great Mama Africa takes you back to your origins.

Mamasavana wants to lead by hand whoever wants to embark on this experience in savanna, the real heart of Africa, with Kenya or Tanzania safari.


We would like to narrate you more, but we know very well that certain emotions can not narrated, but only by living. Neither do we want to make you depart right away: the desire is probably already inside you.


After several years of free consultation to friends and relatives, which turned into experience and at last into a profession, today Mamasavana is an unique agency on its own, in service of nature lovers and those with a passion for the African savanna.

Tired of pre-packed products that rarely satisfy clients, Mamasavana offers unique and special tailor-made itinerary programs for groups and singles, working hand in hand with you to make your safari in Africa an unique experience as you have always dreamed. In these past ten years, between Africa and Europe, our vast experience favour us in providing you with all the solutions and resolving any need you may have. Our philosophy; Simplicity cared in detail.


Safari njema / Nice journey

Our Safari

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Customers say

  • Thanks for the wonderful safari at Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara, of which wasn't only a nice vacation, but also an adventure and an incredible experience. Never could have thought being able to see animals at a close range and to take back home live memories and indelible!!
    Luisa Puccini
    August 2013
  • Grazie del bellissimo safari al Lago Nakuru e al Masai Mara, che non è stata solo una bella vacanza, ma anche un'avventura e un'incredibile esperienza. Mai avrei pensato di poter vedere così da vicino gli animali e di poter riportare a casa ricordi così vividi e indelebili.
    Luisa Puccini
    Agosto 2013
  • Un ringraziamento speciale va al nostro amico John per la passione e la serietà che mette nel suo lavoro, e alla nostra guida Safari, eccezionale in tutto e per tutto, che ci ha fatto assaporare nel modo più perfetto la bellezza di una natura selvaggia unica in tutto il mondo! ASANTE SANA!!!
    Leandro Fantolini
    Agosto 2014
  • Erano anni che sognavamo un safari in Tanzania e quindi ci è sembrata la destinazione perfetta come viaggio di nozze! Ci siamo affidati a Mamasavana, stupendi in tutto! John è stato davvero disponibile e il viaggio è stato completamente personalizzato. Il nostro era un safari in tenda, abbiamo visto il Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti e il Cratere del Ngorogoro. I paesaggi sono incredibilmente belli, già quelli meritano il viaggio.
    Arianna Boz
    Luglio 2015
  • It was such an experience, i came to Arusha with my sister just to visit we did not have a specific place and we didn't know where to start from but God connected us to mama savana safari and they made our stay in Arusha feel like home and to be honest we left no stone un turned thank you to Alex,Allan yo such loving people and we promise to come back for more because it was fun.Keep it up read the review on
    1 Nov 2016
  • Special thanks to our friend John for the passion and seriousness that puts into his work, and to our safari guide, excellent in all and everything, of which made us enjoy in a perfect way all the unique wildness and beauties of the world! ASANTE SANA !!!
    Leandro Fantolini
    August 2014
  • It was years that we had a dream of a safari in Tanzania and so seemed like the perfect destination for our honeymoon! We relied on Mamasavana, wonderful in everything! John was really helpful and the trip was fully customized. Ours was a pure camping safari (mobile tents), we visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater. The landscapes are incredibly beautiful, only those already deserve the journey!!!
    Arianna Boz
    July 2015
  • We hat a great Safari with Mama Savanna Safaris. All was well...Organizing, Driver, Accomodation... perfect. read the the review on safaribooking
    Anja and Siza
    7 Nov 2016

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Why Safari

Safari is always an intensive experience, that’s why Mamasavana wants to help you to Tailor your own safari exactly as you have always dreamed...

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Perché Safari

Un safari è sempre un’esperienza intensa. Per questo vogliamo che sia tu a costruirti il safarida casa esattamente come lo sogni.
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Why Nature

With 29 national parks, 24 natural reserves, 4 conservation areas, 17 marine reserves, and 11 UNESCO protected World Heritage Sites...
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