Your destinations in Africa: Kenya and Tanzania parks and reserves.

From Masai Mara to Serengeti, the best african reserves and parks.

Kenya and Tanzania may surprise you for their natural beauty and fascinate you with their richness and depth of their diversity cultural heritage. They in fact, offers over 85 between natural parks and reserves of various kinds (from Masai Mara to Serengeti, from Amboseli to Ngorongoro Crater just to mention a few), where they live about 190 different ethnic groups, belonging to different religions.

Paradise of endless opportunities, characterized by strong contrasts of natural, social and cultural factors that makes parks and reserves of Kenya and Tanzania among the most extraordinary destinations in Africa, if not of the entire world.

Great values ​​such as reciprocal respect of different peoples, the peaceful cohabitation of different religions, explosion of colors and richness of fauna and flora, endless places where time passes slowly (“pole pole”) without running, where the sky passes through and not above you, where people greet you (“Jambo”) even if they don’t know you.

A world where all is true even the unpleasant things, because all is life. A strange sensation that we don’t know how to give an exact name… A cocktail of emotion of which many of us call “African sickness”.

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